Accounting Outsourcing

Bookkeeping and Full Set of Account

  • Record all invoices and payments
  • Record all sales and receipts
  • Record all purchases and commitments
  • Record all assets purchased and related depreciation
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation statements
  • Prepare debtors/creditors ledger reconciliation
  • Prepare Project Accounting
  • Amendments to accounts
  • Finalisation of accounts
  • Provide monthly trial balances and general ledger

Management Report

  • Prepare Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Prepare Balance Sheet
  • Prepare Cash Flow Statement
  • Prepare Consolidation of Accounts
  • Provide Aging Report for Debtors and Creditors
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial report

Forecasting, Projection and Budgeting

  • Prepare Annual Budget Financial Statement
  • Prepare Cash Flow Analysis
  • Prepare Analysis of Variance

Statutory Audit and Tax Field Audit

  • Prepare schedules for audit
  • Liaise with Auditors
  • Assist in Tax Field-Audit
  • Prepare Draft of Statutory Financial Statements

Total Department of Outsourcing for accounting and finance function

  • Issue of payment vouchers and prepare cheques
  • Mail signed cheques to payees, or remit payment by telegraphic transfer
  • Issue of invoices to Customers
  • Collect Overdue Accounts
  • Provide Monthly Statement to Customers