Tax and Business Advisory


We are qualified and licensed tax agent to assist the client in improving their tax efficiency and reduce cost of doing business.

Tax Audit

Tax audit will be carried out from time to time by the Inland Revenue Board to enhance tax compliance. It is intensified under the self-assessment system and may result in additional tax adjustments being made and penalties being imposed. Thus, it must be handled carefully. In this connection, we provide three different types of services to suit your needs:


  • Tax Audit Preview Services:
    We will conduct pseudo field audit by previewing your selected business records and extracting relevant supporting documents before the actual field visit by the IRB officers.
  • Tax Audit Review Services:
    We will be by your side to help you attend to the IRB officers’ needs and queries whilst they are visiting you.
  • Tax Audit Post-view Services:
    We will assist you to narrow the scope of the IRB officers’ queries and negotiate for better terms where applicable.

Tax Compliance

We assist client in registering a tax file number & an employer’s file number, preparation of tax computation including preparation of supporting schedules and submission of tax returns.

Furthermore, we also assist the Taxpayers in furnishing estimated tax payable, revised estimated tax payable, remit monthly tax installments & any other tax matter.

Tax Investigation

We provide professional tax investigation advisory services to our client. We provide advice, support & guidance on handling the tax investigation.

Tax Advisory

We provide professional advisory work ranging from individual tax planning, capital gains versus business receipts, corporate tax planning, distribution of dividends, merger & acquisition, group relief for tax losses, cross border transactions and other relevant advisory work.

Tax Incentives

There is number of tax incentives such as pioneer status, investment tax allowance, reinvestment allowance etc introduced by the Government to the taxpayers. We assist the company to apply for the appropriate tax incentive whichever applicable to the business to enjoy tax saving.

Business Advisory

Consult and advise client on the business management, procurement, internal control, financial and so on.